The business landscape keeps on changing and develops new types of services. Violetta Malek and Gekko advisoryNOW introduce new product - mentorNOW


Whoever you are today ? an executive, a senior manager, a junior consultant or a graduate, there is always one major question ?Am I true to myself?? or ?Is it really me??

"Getting to know ourselves  in the professional aspect is hard to achieve. Still, it is just the beginning of the "Dare to Deliver your Dreams" 5D journey, which I developed. My mentoring experience spans from global business executives, through my team members to students and teenagers. The 5D Strategy proved to give results, both to the individual, the team and the firm!" - said Violetta Malek, Managing Partner Gekko advisoryNOW

5D methodology consists of 5 phases: DARE, DREAM, DISCOVER, DESIGN and DELIVER.  DARE is the starting point! Once we have enough courage, we begin the phase called DREAM, as its important to set up the desired destination to focus on. If the goal is not clear or does not exist we work to establish it. The answer might also come after the phase DISCOVER, when we explore what makes you go, what gives you energy and what keeps you alive. Everyone is rich inside and will discover previously unknown potential or will unhide capabilities to let the passion out. The DISCOVER phase might also give the answer to the question - "why am I so unhappy with what I do"? Then the DESIGN comes, very powerful phase to clearly set-up all actions to create YOU of the future and build the ROAD to reach it. Finally we go with the DELIVER phase, which might take some time and might be adjusted to the opportunities life brings, but it guarantees, that YOU will stay in control of your professional life.

"The experience I had with Violetta, my mentor, was excellent.  She was an excellent listener and as we got to know each other she was able to see the areas in which I needed her sage counseling. She was direct and provided great illustrations of her development challenges so that I could learn from her. She helped me turn my challenges around and see the opportunities that they presented for my growth. I am grateful to Violetta and strongly urge others that are intent on growing themselves personally and professionally to seek her out." - said Anna Cale, former Talent & Organization Development Manager in Insight