An outstanding postgraduate program - Business Services Executive Management


Business Services Sector (BSS) is one of the fastest growing global industries, especially in Poland.  With this great track record of success in Poland, many foreign investors continue to be attracted to this market for the last 20 years. The secret formula lies behind strong and balanced rationale to invest; such as a good location model that supports multiple time zones, highly educated talent pool, attractive cost of doing business, strong support of local authorities, interesting grants & incentives programs, and a stable economic & political landscape.

As this growth and evolution continues, we observe how the maturation process of BSS organisations evolves, develops much more complex operating models, experiences different business dynamics, implements more advanced technological solutions and works hard to always meet changing customer expectations. More mature, more complex and more strategic BSS organisations, need the best leadership and management talent. This is especially important, as the sector is maturing very fast, and transforming its business model from transactional to more advanced and strategically critical.

Business Services Executive Management program contains a comprehensive set of topics to prepare BSS managing teams for the challenges of the future!
The aim of the program is to equip students with advanced knowledge and tools to build and manage business services centre, both at the operational and strategic level. It will also improve, extend or add qualifications to ensure successful (efficient and of the highest quality) management of business services centre SSC/BPO/IT/R&D. The program will help to promote business services sector among the rest of the business, both locally and internationally and will maintain a stable inflow of senior management competences into the business services sector.
"What makes the program unique? We ensure the innovative nature of the course by offering the Business Experience of classes managed by experienced business executives together with business services sector management consultants. Our perfect size classes will be performed in a workshop and project teamwork style mixed with real life sector cases and trends" - commented by Violetta Malek, Managing Partner Gekko advisoryNOW, Academic Director

Business Services Executive Management program is the very first, so comprehensive, in Poland to be conducted in English and to provide a complete response to the educational needs of the market in the business services sector.
The study will take place at the Collegium Civitas in Warsaw and is scheduled for two semesters, starting January 2019. The honorary patronage over the program will be assumed by the Pro Progressio Foundation, which is one of the biggest BSS organizations supporting business growth in Poland.
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