• Gekko advisoryNOW signed partnership agreement with Mindbox


    Building successful partnerships in a new reality seems to be a very natural success factor. It is no longer a strategic element of competitive advantage, but rather a modern offer ...

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  • Czy model działania w nowej rzeczywistości sprzyja optymalizacji kosztów?


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  • HR Director to work for our client in Poznan


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  • How to assess the robotic potential of all processes accross the organization?



    Our Team has just completed a 100% remote project!

    Together with the Team of Digital Teammates we have successfully delivered project for one of the main insurers - the assessment of ...

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  • Where our followers come from!


    thank you to all our followers.....around the globe! We are here for you!

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  • "And how do we prevent money laundering today?"


    Is "global village" a good place for money laundering? Do shared service, financial and accounting centres operate in accordance with AML regulations? Wikipedia states: "Money Laundering is an effort to ...

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  • Strategic decisions to enter the BPO model


    Violetta Malek, Managing Partner, wrote her text in January 2020, which means "prior to COVID - 19" and here we present the text about operating models for SURVIVAL - how handy NOW ...

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  • closer look at the operating model...for NOW at COVID 19 and for the future


    It has been another EXECUTIVE Business LUNCH by Gekko advisoryNOW (GAN) - this time we were actively discussing a very hot topic "How the Business Operating Model is changing due to ...

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  • We work as ALWAYS, fully remotely as NEVER before!


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