SSC/GBS Leadership Program 2023


Wich a great pleasure we invite you to participate in a unique educational project, the aim of which is to prepare managers for the challenges of the future and build the competences of new leaders of organizations from the modern business services sector. The uniqueness of the program simply means the combination of work on hard competences in the area of management with the development of effective leadership skills. Participation in the program will help participants find answers to the following questions:

- how to manage talent to eliminate the competence gap and maintain team stability,
- how to develop competences and skills in managing hybrid teams,
- how to implement automation / RPA / AI,
- how to run projects in multi-cultural and multi-generational teams,  
- how to achieve efficiency through process optimization;
- how to  effectively implement change,
- how to identify the robotic potential of processes,
- How to build an engaging organizational structure (matching competences to roles, creating development and succession plans),
- how to manage goals (and create incentive and bonus systems);
- How to address wellbeing (preventing burnout, maintaining engagement and high level of job satisfaction)