• C-SuiteNEWs September 2023


    We once again present our quarterly #csuitenews, in which we cover several topics:
    1) there is a lot of talk about hackers lurking in the virtual world, ready to attack ...

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  • C-SuiteNEWs July 2023


    Usually, after the appearance of a great business idea, a whole bunch of questions should see the light of day ? about the product, market, customers, investment level, possibility of external ...

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  • PolandNOW 2023


    The 7,9% growth of Business Services Sector (BSS) in Poland will result in more than 430 000 people employed in 2023, as per the ABSL Report. The pandemic lock-down ...

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  • C-SuiteNEWs march 2023


    According to research conducted by McKinsey & Company, almost two-thirds of employees surveyed in the United States said that the events of recent years have made them reflect on their ...

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  • C-SuiteNEWs november 2022


    About the methodology originating from Japan - 5S, as a set of good practices aimed at ensuring a well-organized, orderly and safe, and thus conducive to achieving efficiency and ensuring high ...

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  • C-SuiteNEWs august 2022


    The short answer to the question, whether the bonus scheme can guarantee the implementation of the strategy, is "no". Not only because of the environment and the number and strength ...

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  • PolandNOW 2022


    Poland has been the number 1 location for BSS investment in the CEE region for a number of years simply due to the fact, that can offer 7 balanced reasons ...

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  • C-SuiteNEWs november 2021


    Everything is a change! We read in Paweł Dudek's article that "when we need to increase sales ? we manage change, when two companies merge ? we manage change, when we ...

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  • C-SuiteNEWs wydanie czerwiec 2021


    In the June release of C-SuiteNEWs, we talk about controlling, its features, tasks, and the tools used. We emphasize that well-implemented strategic control in leading organizations is one of the ...

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  • C-SuiteNEWs wydanie grudniowe


    The December C_SuiteNEWs includes a look at several topics. The first is the situation we see in outsourcing ? and this is nothing more than shifting the attention of business managers ...

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