C-SuiteNEWs november 2022


About the methodology originating from Japan - 5S, as a set of good practices aimed at ensuring a well-organized, orderly and safe, and thus conducive to achieving efficiency and ensuring high quality work environment, talks our Partner Paweł Młyński. Why should we look more favorably at digitization in a company that has been implemented by the Ministry of Finance for several years by introducing electronic JPK reporting, and soon the National e-Invoice System? This question is answered by Piotr Krzysztoporski, VP of Mindbox SA. About the transition of processes in the organization as a human project, in a few words, summarizes Roland Pac MBA. None of the questions asked by our Managing Partner Violetta Malek, EMBA were omitted by the Head of CIMA Jakub Bejnarowicz, look for yourself!