C-SuiteNEWs november 2021


Everything is a change! We read in Paweł Dudek's article that "when we need to increase sales ? we manage change, when two companies merge ? we manage change, when we implement a new system ? we manage change". One of the secrets of an effective leader is to skillfully manage the team in change. Edyta Konarzewska-Skubis talks about the robotic change from the real life experience in an interview conducted by Violetta Malek. It is impressive how "the employees who are already working with robots are waiting for further implementations, because they know that this is a solution that will "free" them from the most boring tasks and at the same time bring more value to customers". Tomasz Miłosz takes us into the future! He writes about an "unprecedented revolution in the way work is done." He mentions the impact of technology, demography and the sharing economy. Paweł Młyński writes about the many approaches to the settlement of costs used by shared service centres. He talks about chargeback, about uncomplicated methods of charging costs to its internal customers and about complicated models of cost allocation, so as to assign costs as accurately as possible to the services offered and clients that buy them.