Services for CFO

What is fundamental for CFO of an organization that still operates in a traditional way, despite the rapidly changing reality? What challenges is facing? /(What challenges does he and his team face?)  What steps should be taken to build a model of intelligent financial function of the future that supports business while becoming more efficient?

Answers for these and many other questions find and achieve the goals CFOs that see the value in change: leaders of change, value creators and strategists!
Only a few plan to be, or already are, in the way of building modern financial teams - business partners. They are also among the financial leaders working intensively on the continuous strengthening of their role in the organization, increasing their effectiveness and their role in creating the company's value.
In the agile business model, the financial function becomes the motor and navigator in one. It is no longer just as it has been so far "standing on the side" and looking at the past, but above all, becomes function actively building the future of the organization as a business partner.
Very often the operational model of the financial function works without any problems - every element of the model is easy to use, operates at the highest possible speed and has the best manual solutions. It owes its shape to building solutions over the years that are supposed to best support the financial function and the C-suite /(management). However, such a traditional model will not become a motor or navigator, because it does not understand a new business language, and still used - will be an expensive, time-consuming and often very limiting development solution.

Services for CBSO

The business services sector has been dynamically growing in Poland for over 10 years, becoming the fastest growing sector of the economy. Last years brought an average annual employment growth of 21%, which gave 198,000 employees in 2017. Today, centers employ almost 10% of foreigners (mainly from Ukraine, but also from Spain and Germany) and almost 2% of disabled people. They speak 40 foreign languages and serve the whole world from over a dozen cities located throughout Poland.

Investors value the conditions of running a business in Poland, starting from a stable economic and political situation and attractive office space and logistic conditions, through a powerful group of young professionals and graduates, to high quality and efficiency of work. Dynamically developing teams ensure the highest quality of service, tailor-made communication, strategically important standards in processes and a transparent business support structure at a times when the world is moving forward and does not allow companies to look around operational "difficulties"

Services for CXO

We all observe and experience how technology is driving significant changes in the global economy. The desire to increase revenue and reduce costs has redirected CXOs focus from traditional business models towards digitally advanced ones. As a result of rapidly changing business landscape, companies will look for new solutions offering higher quality at lower costs, without the complexities of structured, stiff and labour intensive traditional processes. More optimization initiatives and more systems to help companies to work better, faster and cheaper is no longer enough - there is a must of adopting next generation technologies to be able to work smarter!


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