Maturity - process, people, price, performance, potential, perception

Business Services Centres are growing very fast and beyond transactional and regional models. Very often, the very initial assumptions of the shared services operating model to support business units with very transactional processes, grow to strategic major objectives of the global enterprise offering more complex business processes. There is strong trend of building shared service centres for the decentralized operating models and then building the global centre for business services. The question arises ? when the organisation is ready and capable to serve more complex processes from higher number of geographies to become Global Business Centre?

Understanding the degree of maturity will allow identifying issues such as:

  • What can we improve, how and when,
  • Are improvements aligned with the strategic objectives?
  • Is there a risk of stagnation and slow "return" to the old model?

Complex maturity assessment to define the exact phase of the journey together with benchmark analysis, both versus market and versus strategic assumptions, enables best managed centres to operate the most effective way, to mature in a best & modern manner and to become the Global Services operational unit.