Modern Business Services Centres - Strategy for the future

We observe a very dynamically changing business environment, where business works "on-demand", "does not own" and earns, "want more for less", which encourages to revise current operating models.

Building competitive advantage, looking for more business opportunities and obtaining full focus on current business - because the response time counts "as never before", requires the management to "review" the operating model   supported by business services model. Centralize or outsourcing of basic transactional processes such as accounting, procurement, customer service, logistics, IT, administration or HR, not only provides cost savings but also allows for the Improve control, increase process efficiency and quality (by standardizing, optimization, automation and robotics), achieve complete and transparent data with can "real-time" access - all to speed decision-making process.

The experience of the Gekko AdvisoryNOW team provides customers with a "360 degree" approach to develop a strategically optimal operational model by:

  • Conducting market research
  • Preparation of location study
  • Support and/or preparation of Full Report (Feasibility Study & Business Case) and present results with recommendations
  • Develop startegic options and transition models with the most cost-effective processes and locations

A very important aspect of the analysis of the best operating model, including or not a business service center, is the long-term company strategy.