Location study - PolandNOW

Choosing the right location is a decision that affects both the start-up investment, the amount of current operating costs and the potential for business development. Regardless of the size or profile of the business, the most critical purpose to ensure a proper competitive advantage. One way to achieve success in this area is to choose the best location. The location study allows you to be a step ahead of the competition when starting your business in a new geography, but it is also an excellent tool to monitor the current balance of advantages and disadvantages of the currently used location.

Gekko AdvisoryNOW has developed a comprehensive set of services that allow the customer to choose the best possible location or an assessment of the currently used one, including:

Support for determining and assessing the importance of the client's needs, expectations and limitations in the context of selecting the location of the study

  • Preparation, together with the client, the preferred list of locations to include in the study
  • Support in working out the best factors for analysis in individual locations
  • Complete verification of sources, collection of data and building a model to analysis
  • Preparation of the study report with recommendations and supporting details
  • Preparation and hosting reference visits to organizations with similar activity profile at a given location or/and the one chosen by the client
  • Organizing an introductory meeting with professionals in the field of real estate and personnel acquisition/recruitment
  • Support in applying for possible grants and incentives together (contact local authorities)
  • Support in selection and purchase of the appropriate land/plot for investment (contact with local authorities)