Finance processes optimization

Every optimization and development initiative should be based on objective and relevant data or indicators. On one hand, it will improve the accuracy of diagnosis, and on the other hand it will help to convince stakeholders to implement necessary changes. Achieving these is especially important for the finance function, for which the need of transformation has never been more urgent. Benchmarking proves to be an ideal tool for measuring effectiveness in your organization and comparing it to competitors.

Gekko advisoryNOW team is specializing in finance process optimization. We deliver:

  • Reviews of finance processes in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and quality,
  • Identifying processes bottlenecks, quality problems and duplication of activities,
  • Analysis of root causes of inefficiencies and quality problems,
  • Recommending changes in finance processes in order to improve their quality and effectiveness,
  • Defining optimization initiatives and plans,
  • Preparing target process maps,
  • Identifying opportunities for robotics and automation,
  • Support in selecting suppliers for automation and robotics solutions,
  • Conducting workshops, trainings and presentations relating to Lean Finance methodology,
  • Analysis of processes and tasks in regard to Lean Finance concept,
  • Creating programs of implementations of Lean Finance.

The future oriented finance team will cost less, do more and support the future needs of the organization. Will generate value, get the best in class finance analysis and reporting to enable the organization to be able to make best strategic and operational decisions.