Planning and budgeting (PBF)

Planning, budgeting and forecasting is one of the most challenging time of the year for the finance function. It requires to gather a lot of external and internal data but also has to meet high expectations of those departments in the organization, that will use those data to fuel business plans for the months and years to come. That is why, PBF (planning, budgeting and forecasting) has to be organised effectively so that it allows for quick and low-cost data gathering, data processing while securing high quality of end result, i.e. final plans, budgets and forecasts.

Gekko advisoryNOW will support your organization in designing PBF processes and implementing them efficiently. In detail, we will support you in:

  • Analysis of needs and opportunities in regard to planning, budgeting and forecasting,
  • Defining granularity of data gathered and transformed for PBF purposes,
  • Creating schedules for PBF processes, supervising processes execution,
  • Designing budgeting forms, templates and reports,
  • Optimizing PBF processes,
  • Creation of long-term plans and financial models,
  • Defining business and functional requirements or PBF IT tools, selecting and implementing IT tools.

It is impossible to forecast the future precisely, but it is possible to develop your plans, budgets and forecasts in a way that will prepare your organization for both most probable scenarios and for unexpected events. What?s also worth to remember is that effective and high-quality PBF process will raise the profile of finance function in the organization.