Revenue Management

Revenue management, in the current rapidly changing environment, is to become an art. The business dynamics, reflecting  customer expectations and strong competition, forces organizations to increase sales revenues through,  much more efficient than ever, price management.

There are significant difficulties in further cost optimizations and there is an urgent need to look for new ways of achieving the expected profit growth.

Optimal pricing policy anchored in the company through the adequate organizational structure, clear commercial terms, best product portfolio, promotional activities, tools used for price analysis & management, transparent responsibility matrix, ongoing data analysis & reporting, highly committed management and engaged employees  are the main elements to effect the level of revenue and the amount of profit.
Gekko advisoryNOW provides customers with an overview, assessment, possible optimization solutions and necessary changes in pricing policy, procedures and processes as well as daily activities related to price management.

The main areas of our expertise are:

  • Conducting the audit to determine the maturity of the organization in terms of pricing policy
  • Portfolio verification, achieved revenues and margins, on individuals products, segments, channels
  • Analysis of current revenue management process in the organization
  • Review of available documents related to the pricing policy
  • Document flow and areas of responsibility
  • Increase employee engagement through workshops showing the impact of the price and discounts granted on the profit achieved
  • Designing tools to support price management
  • Authorization matrix,  communication in the process, evaluation, feedback
  • Defining KPIs
  • Support in creating iincentive scheme

Cooperation with Gekko AdvisoryNOW brings to the next level the organization maturity in the revenue management process.