Value management

When faced with fierce competition - not only for market share but also for funds or workforce ? smart and long-term value management turns out to be one of the key competitive advantages. In other words, the value should not be therefore understood merely as providing profit for shareholders, but also as building advantage over competitors and as the ability to meet the needs of various stakeholders, your employees included. To be able to manage value effectively, each organization should be able to identify and understand its specific value drivers and learn to measure and report them in a way that could be used to both day-to-day value monitoring and to development of new value-boosting initiatives.

Gekko advisoryNOW has developed a complex set of services that will enable your organization to manage value effectively and efficiently. Among others, our experienced consultants will support you in:

  • Analysis of organization in regard to value generation, identification of key value drivers,
  • Defining key value indicators motivating to value generation,
  • Designing value maps,
  • Analysis of strategy in regard to maximising shareholder value and creating market value of organization,
  • Implementation of Balanced Score Card and managerial dashboards reporting KPIs linked to value drivers,
  • Implementation of value management programs.

Value-oriented management will result in multi-faceted benefits for your organization - profitability and effectiveness improvement, better resource allocation, better human capital management, improved investor relations, higher return on investment and higher quality of your products/services.