C-SuiteNEWs wydanie czerwiec 2021


In the June release of C-SuiteNEWs, we talk about controlling, its features, tasks, and the tools used. We emphasize that well-implemented strategic control in leading organizations is one of the key elements of effective management and achievement of strategic objectives. We are also returning to the pandemic year that we have behind us, which has put a lot of question marks and created a lot of opportunities for development. As is often the case with developmental experiences, they are often born in pain. And so many entrepreneurs and employees have been confronted with anxiety, frustration and fear for their health and material being. We look at how we can turn it into benefits! An interesting aspect that has also ?come out of the dark? during the pandemic time is the change in the approach to human potential management in organizations. The more and more challenging ?employee market? has led companies to create even more interesting incentives to attract the best and at the same time keep those who have previously trusted them. The list of benefits offered to employees began to grow, which made something that was an extra addition a few years ago, part of a mandatory package. Medical care or a sports pass is no longer a valuable bonus, but an expected component of salary. So what else should be offered? In an interview with managing partner Violetta Malek will talk about how in a pandemic you can implement consulting projects! Enjoy the reading!