Last couple of years has shown a growing need to transform finance departments from traditional units focused on book-keeping & transactional tasks into value-adding agile business partners capable of supporting the organization in strategic and operational decision-making. Key element for this transformation is to create effective controlling function equipped with well-defined workload, effective processes, right skills and right tools for data processing and reporting.

Gekko advisoryNOW is a team of experienced controlling experts capable of supporting every organisation in creating modern controlling function. In detail, we will:

  • Define a role and objectives of controlling function in your organization,
  • Design controlling processes and responsibilities matrix,
  • Select right controlling tools,
  • Design and prepare management reports,
  • Create KPIs calculation algorithms,
  • Calculate KPIs and create management dashboards,
  • Define business and functional requirements for implementation of Management Information Systems,
  • Select suppliers of IT tools,
  • Manage implementation of IT tools.

Well designed and effective controlling function will significantly contribute to achieving strategic, tactical and operational goals of our client?s organisation, provide day-to-day monitoring of company's results and enable to quickly react to external challenges.