Business Services Centres, no matter how mature they have become, should have developed objective and relevant set of data and/or indicators. On one hand, it will improve the accuracy of diagnosis, and on the other hand it will help to convince stakeholders to implement necessary changes. Benchmarking proves to be an ideal tool for measuring effectiveness in your organisation and comparing it to competitors.

Gekko advisoryNOW will conduct complex benchmarking analysis of the service centre. As a result, the organisation will get faster and more objective diagnosis of all processes. Our consultants will conduct:

  • Selection of indicators or measuring effectiveness of the centre (based on organization needs and best practices),
  • Calculation performance indicators of particular processes and subprocesses,
  • Comparison of performance indicators between different business/geographic units (internal benchmarking),
  • Comparison of performance indicators with peer companies (external benchmarking),
  • Variance analysis, root cause analysis and design optimization activities.

When working with us, you will be able to identify efficiency gaps and problems that need to be solved. What is more, we will equip you with hard data proving which exact process or activity in the business services centre are more effective in your organisation versus competitors. In other words, we will provide you with an opportunity to plan and implement sharper and more focused optimisation as well as more precise and easier to measure assessment of the end result.