C-SuiteNEWs July 2023


Usually, after the appearance of a great business idea, a whole bunch of questions should see the light of day ? about the product, market, customers, investment level, possibility of external financing, tax law conditions, premises, talent and many others addressing all possible risks. Is this the case? Or is the founder guided by intuition, passion and vision? About small, medium and family businesses that are growing, but at the same time feel that the time for professionalization is coming! Answers to questions ? "When? How? What for?" is provided by our Managing Partner Violetta Malek, EMBA Malek and Anna Boguszewska.
Many sectors of the economy are currently facing a growing crisis. We are still feeling the effects of the pandemic, interrupted supply chains and market reshuffles. In addition, the ongoing war in Ukraine and problems in the banking industry generate further adverse economic phenomena. One of the areas that not only does not succumb to these trends, but also records new records, is services. Virtually all research companies and analysts forecast further dynamic growth of the modern services sector. When asked, "Why does the modern services sector, despite geopolitical and economic challenges, still intend to grow 8.5% (CAGR) until 2028?" Maciej Nuckowski answers.
Today, broadly understood automation is a priority for every manager in business services, customer care and back office teams. Leaders who successfully implement solutions that automate work will succeed. But how to find time for strategic projects when we and our key managers are still absorbed in the so-called current affairs? What if you could automate team and task management? This question is answered very inspiringly by Krzysztof Pimpicki in the article entitled "Automation of operational management in financial / BSS / Customer Service teams - can management be automated at all?" In a dynamic and competitive business environment, effective financial management and process control have been, are and will remain a success factor for any organization. Controlling plays a key role in providing management information, analyzing all data (e.g. margin over time, per product/product group, per customer, product mix, profitability of various customer segregation strategies, cost efficiency, implementation of budget assumptions), as well as identifying trends and making strategic or operational decisions. Again, in the duet Violetta Malek, EMBA and Anna Boguszewska answer the question "why is it worth betting on effective, robotic and modern controlling in the outsourcing formula?"