C-SuiteNEWs wydanie grudniowe


The December C_SuiteNEWs includes a look at several topics. The first is the situation we see in outsourcing ? and this is nothing more than shifting the attention of business managers from the main aspect of cost reduction to improving the quality of processes. We will also look at the responsibilities imposed today by the AML on obliged institutions, which cannot be implemented without the support of IT tools. It will also be about the technological revolution, which is increasingly stepping into the organization and taking over jobs. After the first years, the fear of automation or artificial intelligence seems to be seen today as helping to deliver business processes rather than a threat. Speaking of robotic process automation, we have also prepared a topic on assessing the robotic potential of organisations. Companies often start robotics by finding a single process that they think is suitable for automation and trying to implement a robot in it. Although in many cases this approach works, it is not optimal. Only knowing the robotic potential of processes allows to effectively implement robots throughout the organization.